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Posted: 21/04/14, 19:12
by kalliniki
henry17 άνοιξε και το σπόιλερ που έχει βάλει η Chapapa, έχει εικόνες και θα καταλάβεις κατευθείαν!!
Αναμένω πως και πως να βγει για να το διαβάσω...!!

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Posted: 21/04/14, 20:01
by henry17
Τις είδα κάπως βιαστικά πριν και δεν τον πρόσεξα, ήταν στο τελευταίο πάνελ!!

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Posted: 21/04/14, 20:36
Έφαγε ξύλο ο Luffy.Αποκλείεται να τον νικήσει μόνος του.Νομίζω ή έκαναν το Doflamingo και τον Kyros πιο αδύναμους;Τον έναν τον φανταζόμουν πολύ πιο δυνατό από το να βάζει μια μαριονέτα ίδια με αυτόν και να παλεύει μαζί με αυτήν τον άλλον, ενώ τον Kyros, έστω και με κομμένο πόδι, τον περίμενα αρκετά ικανό ώστε να μπορεί να αποφύγει μια πισόπλατη επίθεση.

ΥΣ:Αν το Birdcage κάνει αυτό που φαντάζομαι ότι κάνει θυμίζει την επίθεση του Buu, το Human's Extinction Attack.

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Posted: 21/04/14, 20:43
by henry17
Θάνε, βάλε σε παρακαλώ την υπογραφή σου σε σπόιλερ (που να λέει ότι είναι σπόιλερ) γιατί έχει αρκετούς που δε διαβάζουν το μανγκα!!

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Posted: 21/04/14, 22:26
Ε, δεν κάνει και τεράστιο spoiler.Δεν νομίζω να έχει καταλάβει κανείς ποιος είναι.

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Posted: 22/04/14, 02:29
by henry17
SANDOKANTHANOS wrote:Ε, δεν κάνει και τεράστιο spoiler.Δεν νομίζω να έχει καταλάβει κανείς ποιος είναι.

Ναι αλλά όταν κοντέψει το anime ακόμη λίγο τότε θα γίνει σπόιλερ.

On other news, βγήκαν κι άλλες εικόνες:

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Posted: 22/04/14, 03:28
Ε, τα Χριστούγεννα που θα δείξει το anime ότι ο Toy Soldier είναι ο Kyros θα έχω αλλάξει υπογραφή και δεν νομίζω να την θυμάται και κανείς. :p

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Posted: 22/04/14, 14:45
by iNeXoRaBlE
Το chapter άρπα κόλα δουλειά... αλλά από το τίποτα...

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Posted: 24/06/14, 15:24
by iNeXoRaBlE
Fan-art, thanks It seems Sabo fights with Marines and defeats Bastille.


-- 25 Jun 2014, 10:53 am --

chapter 751 Sabo vs Admiral Fujitora
cover story 21: To our friends! (nakama)
A shabon covered ship floats in the ocean, many fish are gathering towards it.

Bastille warned the marines to not rush in head strong to Sabo, but they do... and get crushed.
One marine comments on how powerful Sabo's fingers are. He replies they are "claws", then crushes a bazooka with bare hand.

Bastille orders the men to withdraw, and he attacks with a massive sword.
The giant sword "Shark Cutter" is stopped by one hand by Sabo. His fingers crush into the sword, shattering it in half.
He then grabs Bastille's head with the other hand. Sabo tells him his "dragon claw" can easily crush the skull of a man.

Meanwhile, Fujitora summons a meteor, but the meteor is sliced into pieces by the birdcage.
Losing control, the sliced meteor falls on the city, destroying a large area of it.
Fujitora worries about the damage to the citizens, as he regrets the mistake.

Sabo emerges out of the flame holding Bastille's mask.
Fujitora asks him if he understands what he's gotten himself into, but Sabo nonchalantly replies he's not used to the fire form yet, he keeps dodging on instinct. He then proceeds to crush the mask of Bastille into pieces.

Fujitora asks him what relation he has to Ace.
Sabo answers the three of them swore brotherhood by exchanging sake.
He warns Fujitora, that if Luffy is in need, he will rush to his rescue no matter where he is, and whatever position he himself is in. On his mind is Ace's execution he still regrets to this day.

Fujitora realizes the time for words are past, and the two clash head strong, gravity and fire!

As Luffy and Ucy charges through horde of fodders, the colisseum warriors catches up.
Caven and others rush ahead of Luffy to the palace.

Fodders tries to shoot Ucy, but the Funk brothers appear to trash them.
They are here to lead Luffy to a secret passage they found.
Law asks Luffy when is he going to be freed of the cuffs, but Luffy says "It'll be alright! Let's just go!" lol

Jet & Abdullah are knocked off Ucy when they enter the passage, as the they hit their head on the roof of the entrance.
A denden mushi call to Luffy. "Hello, this is Luffy, the man who will be the Pirate King!"
It's Robin. The two exchange the report on their situation, and Robin informs Luffy and Law that Viola found the key to Law's cuffs.
The two sides promise to meet up at the 4th level. "Sunflower Field"

However, as they advance down the corridor, Luffy, Law and Ucy find themselves submerged in water, and at a dead end.
A man approach from behind.... Luffy turn around, and sees... Doflamingo!

End of chapter

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Posted: 03/12/14, 16:20
Δεν είναι spoiler αλλά εδώ πίστευα θα ταίραζε πιο πολύ.

Έπεσε ξαφνικό Break. Νέο chapter στις 11/12.